Terms and Conditions

It is the intention of Maier Partnership to promote the best possible relationship with our Clients and our Terms and Conditions are designed to fulfil our promise.

General Conditions

  • All invoices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate, currently 20%
  • Settlement terms are within 28 days on presentation of invoice
  • If the consultancy time extends beyond the estimate for reasons outside the control of the consultant and not reasonably predictable, client approval will be sought for variation of the contract
  • The client will make available, where reasonably practicable, accommodation for on-site training consultancy together with access to IT equipment when necessary. The client will also make available any paperwork which will be returned or destroyed on completion of the consultancy
  • Should the client wish to publish any written work arising out of the consultancy he or she must seek confirmation from the consultant, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. Should the consultant wish to publish any aspect of the consultancy he or she must secure the express consent of the client
  • The proposal will hold good for 2 months from the date of submission

Cancellation Fees

Whenever an agreed training or consultancy date is cancelled by the client the following fees will be payable by the client.

1. Where no written cancellation  is received by Maier Partnership and/or when cancellation is received within 5 working days of the training/consultancy date: 100% of full amount quoted will be payable
2. Where written cancellation is received by Maier Partnership within 6-14 working days prior to appointed training/consultancy date: 50% of full amount quoted will be payable
3. Where written cancellation is received by Maier Partnership more than 15 working days prior to appointed training/consultancy date: No fee will be charged

Expenses Incurred

Any expenses incurred in purchasing materials, products, accommodation or travel directly associated with the training/consultancy will require payment in full.

Please note: If dates are postponed in agreement with Maier Partnership and mutually agreeable alternative dates are secured then cancellation fees may not apply.

COVID-19 update 

 Applicable to all scheduled face to face/live events whilst UK Government guidance & legislation relating to Covid-19 remains in place.  

 In the event of either; 

  1. A change in UK Government advice which prohibits face to face events/meetings or limits numbers to such a degree that the full complement of delegates (including Maier facilitators) are unable to attend
  2. A change in venue regulations resulting in a similar situation to that outlined above
  3. A number of delegates and/or Maier facilitators testing positive or having to isolate meaning the event/meeting is no longer viable  

The event organiser and the lead Maier facilitator should communicate as soon as is reasonably practicable should any of the above conditions be met. 

The following options will then be considered; 

  1. A new date to be suggested and agreed by all parties
  2. The event/meeting is delivered virtually as opposed to face to face

If neither of the options above prove practicable for whatever reason a credit for the facilitation/delivery of the event/meeting will be given to be used in the future. Please note the fee for design and other agreed pre-event costs may still be invoiced.  

All parties attending face to face events/meetings should respect the latest UK Government advice, venue guidelines and any individual requests concerning COVID safety including but not limited to isolation, mask wearing and social distancing.