While the sun shines

Quite a summer at Maier – what happened to down time in August? It’s been a full on few months with some impressive organisational wide transformational programmes that have eaten up time and energy but somehow still left us all wanting more.

Plus of course business as usual; coaching, team facilitation, planning and designing. So, not much time so far for summer festivals or ‘glamping’ (shame!)

That also means we haven’t time to write our blog – too bad of us –  cheating slightly here’s a visual shortcut with the Maier week in pictures (the cab driver looked a bit worried as I snapped away at the Maier folder with a seat belt keeping it safely in place)




With some holidays still to come for some of us – and to remind those of you have packed away the flip flops already – what’s your last thing you do as you’re trying to head out the door and get away? Yes MBTI fans, this is the big reveal…here are some starters for ten from some folk we asked;


Feed the fish (do people really do that?)

Rush back to actually take the dog to the kennels as opposed to leaving him home alone

Draw the curtains (or as we said put a sign up saying, ‘We’re away, burglars welcome!’)

Give a little ‘whoop, whoop’ on my way out of the door

Vacuum my way out of the house (literally)

‘Shut down the kitchen’ – same person as above and, yes, she does know she’s a tad OCD

Re-pack case to actually comply with baggage allowance – at the airport

Leave notes for anyone who cares to water the garden

Paint my nails

Leave with empty case with view to filling it up on holiday

Stay at home!


Whatever you’re up to for the rest of the summer – enjoy!