It’s difficult to have a conversation about sustainable fashion without mentioning Frances Corner. The long-time activist has led the charge when it comes to making the industry more environmentally friendly. And she’s starting from the ground up, teaching students at the London College of Fashion how to create clothing and build a business that operates within its boundaries.

The Faces Of Fashion’s Sustainable Future, ELLE September 2018 Edition

Source Photographer; Clay S Fardiner

If you’re anything like us and get inspired by reading about innovative, sustainable solutions for the future then we’d recommend you give this article a read. Featured in the September 2018 edition of ELLE, this group of young student talent sends a powerful message to businesses on how imperative it is to look from the outside-in rather than the inside-out.

Whether it is taking in the broader impact of design on the environment, to deepening our understanding of the social issues within the fashion supply chain this outward focussed mindset doesn’t just relate to fashion, it is a lesson all businesses can learn from.

‘To change people’s ideas of what’s possible, we need to change the lens they are looking through’ – Hunger in Paradise, Rasmus Ankersun