How bold for change are you?

IWD’s key message this year inspires leaders around the globe to create a more ‘gender inclusive world’ through communication and collaboration. The #BeBoldForChange campaign asks women, men and non-binary people to consider what bold actions they could take to drive gender parity – challenging leaders to consider where they might be even more responsive and responsible in driving change. It’s worth noting that bold doesn’t always have to mean big, grand gestures. Here are a few which stood out for us from the IWD campaign. How might you go above and beyond in taking action?

  • Challenge stereotypes in the day-to-day
  • Choose to buy from companies that support women
  • Support or back a woman-owned business
  • Invite women into situations where they’re not already present or contributing
  • Keep gender on the agenda
  • Reinforcing and supporting women’s triumphs

‘Purposeful collaboration’

Influencing is a big topic for us. When we talk with clients about ‘spheres of influence’ their reach is often much greater and more powerful than they imagine. It’s a compelling exercise and a good reminder to us all that being passive is a choice we make, not a predetermined path we have to follow. So consider this, if you could do one thing today that might challenge bias and inequality, celebrate women’s achievements, or forge women’s advancement, what might that be and who might you collaborate with to effect change?

Celebrating women’s achievements

We have the privilege of working with a number of extremely creative, vibrant, influential and strong female leaders. In embracing the spirit of the day, we’re giving a big shout-out to the wonderful women we work with at Maier – there are so many we couldn’t possibly list them all!