‘Better Lives’ – using the power of fashion to tackle issues around equality, social mobility, diversity and sustainability

Image courtesy of shutterstock.

It’s just over a week later and we’re still talking about the amazing event we had the honour of attending at Buckingham Palace, celebrating 10 years of London College of Fashion’s ‘Better Lives’ work which aims to ‘…use fashion as a discipline to drive change, build a sustainable future and improve the way we live’ through:

  • Working with brands on projects to improve sustainability processes.
  • Embedding social responsibility, diversity and sustainability into the curriculum of our undergraduate courses.
  • Working with women in prison to aid their rehabilitative journeys, by giving them professional skills and qualifications in fashion and textiles, and supporting them on release.
  • Engaging groups and individuals in local communities in participatory art and fashion education projects.
  • By working with young people in partner schools and FE colleges in Greater London, whose parent(s) or guardians do not have a university degree.

With consumer and corporate demand for sustainability increasingly on the rise, it was inspirational to see the difference that the Better Lives work has achieved to date – from creating careers in and around the fashion industry to ensuring students are aware of how to sustain fashion and keep it on the agenda. Better Lives, we salute you!

Jane Shepherdson, Karyn Maier, and Sim Scavazza having the obligatroy ‘Buck Pal Pic’